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What is a HHO Cell? A definition of HHO Cell

What the HHO cell is?

The HHO cell is really an electrolysis device, based on an invention from the late 19th century. Simply put, it uses electricity to separate water into hydrogen and oxygen. A water molecule is made of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. In electrolysis two water molecules can be separated to produce two hydrogen molecules, each made of two hydrogen atoms, and one oxygen molecule made of two oxygen atoms. Both the hydrogen and the oxygen come out as gas.

Hydrogen fuel cells, also known as HHO Fuel Cells, are designed to increase the efficiency of your internal combustion engine. A hydrogen cell uses hydrogen as fuel and oxygen as oxidant.

The first fuel cell was actually invented by Sir William Grove in 1839. His invention was called a gas voltaic battery and by reversing the process of electrolysis (electrolysis splits water into its components of hydrogen and oxygen), it produced both electricity and water.

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