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HHO Car Fuel Cell
Alternative Fuels - Green Energy - Solar and Wind Power

Electrodes in HHO cells

316L stainless steel plates for HHO cell


316L stainless steel. Works best with Pulse Width Modulation (PWM). PWM is needed to prevent the HHO cell from overheating. Best efficiency is optained when distance between the plates is 3-4 milimeters.

316L stainless steel bolts for HHO cell


Stainless steel bolts. Not recomended because the HHO Cell is overheating. Also when using bolts in your HHO Cell the current tends to go strait from Anode to Cathode, so you can't use inter plate system and the gas production is low.

316L stainless steel wire for HHO cell


Stainless steel wire. Thin wired electrodes in your HHO cell gives low gas production and is prone to corrosion. There are a few HHO Cell Constructions with wire. Low gas production.

316L stainless steel tubes for HHO cell


Stainless steel tubes. Depending on size and setup HHO cells with tubes works very good and you don't even need a PWM. Just fill it up with tap water. This HHO design is the most used.

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