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What is a HHO Wet Cell?

Wet Cells

Wet Cells are comprised of an electrolyte-filled container in which the electrodes are either fully or partially submerged. They are generally made of stainless steel plates, wound wire, bolts or various other materials.

The main feature of a Wet Cell is that it is self-contained. The container houses the electrodes and reservoir together.

When power is applied the electrodes produce the HHO, which bubbles up through the electrolytic bath and escapes through a port installed in the top. This type of electrolyzer is generally less efficient, but poses some advantages over Dry Cells, in that they are easy to build and have fewer components. Though few Wet Cells produce more than 1.5-LPM, they can be chained together to increase their overall output.

Some individuals have even designed Wet Cell containers that have secondary reservoirs that automatically refill the cell after it has been turned off. One of these individuals is The Smack.

Few have made more advances in efficiencies with Wet Cells than The Smack. His Smacks Booster designs, though Patent Pending, are open source and free to anyone interested.

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