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Hydrogen on Demand

Trying to find accurate information on Hydrogen on Demand can be overwhelming if you are new to this awesome technology.

You may have heard about hydrogen on demand systems and Hydrogen fuel cell cars. And you may have even been able to sift through all the B.S. out there to come to a clear understanding as to what is the difference between hydroxy producing fuel cells and electrochemical fuel cells.

I think the main problem when researching Hydrogen on demand parts or HHO generators is you will find so much misinformation on the subject created by many individuals that don't know any more about Hydrogen on demand than my 2 year old grandson and they are out and about "tickling your ears" to try and make a quick buck.

I have been so deeply rooted in the study and development of Hydrogen on demand systems that some times I forget that most people still have never heard of the possibilities of "burning water for fuel". Even when I go to buy my stainless steel for my Hydrogen on Demand parts most of the suppliers don't have a clue as to what a HHO generator is. So it stands to reason that if these guys who are selling the hydrogen on demand parts don't have a clue, chances are 98% of the public doesn't either.

Most people have heard that car manufacturers are designing and experimenting with cars that use "hydrogen fuel cells." The fuel cells that they are using are an electrochemical conversion device. It produces electricity from fuel (on the anode side) and an oxidant (on the cathode side), which react in the presence of an electrolyte.

The car manufacturers are stuck on two ways to use Hydrogen, #1 - in a fuel cell to charge batteries or #2 - in a high pressure tank to burn as fuel.

The auto makers have done every thing they can for years to cover up the fact that TODAY, Right Now, we could be burning the fuel that is created by simple electrolysis of water (h2o). Applying small amounts of electrical current to water splits the molecules of the water into what some call their sub diatomical molecular state. In other words back to a gaseous state. This gas is called HHO gas (2 parts Hydrogen and 1 part Oxygen) and is highly explosive.

By adding HHO gas to your fuel with a Hydrogen on Demand system you can drastically reduce the amount of fuel you use. And as the government and auto makers have known since the 1970s you can greatly decrease the harmful pollutants emitted by your vehicle.

The purpose of this lens is not to focus on the conspiracy of the big oil companies, I'll come back to that at a latter date. What I am trying to accomplish with this lens is to help everyone understand that they don't have to wait for the auto makers to figure out how they can best profit from hydrogen fuel cells before they will release a hydrogen hybrid to the general public.

You can in fact turn the car or truck that you drive every day into a Hydrogen Hybrid TODAY and enjoy huge savings on fuel bills while at the same time help to clean up our planet by simply by installing a "fuel cell" other wise known as a HHO generator which along with a few simple vacume hoses and wiring will be your very own Hydrogen on Demand system.

In closing, why Hydrogen "on demand"? Because with these systems the HHO generator only makes the Hydroxy gas that your vehicle will use "on demand", there is no high pressure hydrogen tank to haul around waiting for an explosion.

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