How to make a car that runs on water

How to make a car that runs on water

Over the last 50 years lots of people tried to understand how to make a car that runs on water. Some of them were simple, ordinary mechanics or just enthusiasts with a simple goal: to run a car on water.

What a radical idea. Water is one of the final products from burning fossil carbon fuels and still some claim it can be used to power a water car. Stay with me and I will tell you how to make a car that runs on water. You will be amazed how many already made the water car.

How to make a car that runs on water

How to make a car that runs on water

All around the world, from time to time, we get news that somebody invented the engine that runs on water. Some of these claims seem be be actually working and promise to be the real deal.

Stanley Meyer’s Water Fuel Cell

Stanley Meyer was one of the first to claim they invented the car that runs solely on water. After his invention made big headlines in the local media some potential investors, including the Department of Energy and and Department of Defense sued him because his invention had nothing new but the already known electrolysis.

Stanley Meyer’s invention was patent pending when he suddenly died in 1998. Supposedly he was poisoned to be silenced. Stanley Meyer’s invention opened the doors for a cleaner and cheaper way to power a car but didn’t get to help explain much how to make a car that runs on water. Still some documents remained.

His prototype was a Dune Buggy capable to run 100 miles with just one gallon of water. He used a “Resonant Electrolysis Cell” to create the hydrogen for his car was. Using pulsed signals and high voltage the hho cell was capable to output 1700 times more hydrogen gas than regular electrolysis does.

Detailed schematics and explanations about how to make a car that runs on water with Stanley Meyer’s high voltage hho electrolyzer can be found here. Please let me know if this link doesn’t work any more.

The biggest difference between Stanley Meyer’s system and all the common hho electrolyzers found all over the internet is the power supply. His power supply was using a resonator to create rapidly pulsed high voltage. One rectifier diode was also used to create a charge pump circuit. At electrode level, spaced at 1.5mm for best results, a change of electrons was undergoing, disrupting the water.

Through all the process the resonant electrolysis remained cold after many hours. To separate the hydrogen atoms from oxygen his apparatus was using a DC voltage applied on the body of the electrolyzer, causing all hydrogen atoms to be collected at the top central point.

Genepaux splits water with a membrane electrode assembly

The Japanese company Genepaux announced in 2008 they discovered how to make a car that runs on water. The invention of a new way to make hydrogen from water. They used a membrane electrode assembly to disrupt the hydrogen from oxygen using a chemical reaction.

Genepaux patented their invention but they closed the company one year later because the lack of funds. The car prototype has not been shown ever since, nor showed to anybody how to make a car that runs on water.

The Genepaux prototype was splitting the water in hydrogen and oxygen and then recombine them into a fuel cell to create electrical energy which is used to power the car.

Paul Pantone’s engine

Paul Pantone patented a different kind of engine which was capable to run on 80% water and 20% gasoline. His invention was a special kind of carburetor which was using a so called plasma field to feed back energized gases to the engine. The engine never had to be cleaned or oiled.

He was another enthusiast of free energy trying to understand how to make a car that runs on water. Unfortunately he was placed in a mental institution and his invention got forgotten.

Indian car that runs on acetylene gas

Happening in India. Madhya Pradesh, mechanic which doesn’t know to read or write was fascinated by welding his car with acetylene gas. He saw in this a way to power his engine with a cheap alternative to the expensive fossil fuel.

Why is this invention listed as water car? It is actually acetylene powered car but local press has big headlines telling people that this guy’s engine was using only water to propel his car.

How to make a car that runs on water is the quest for the holy grail of free energy.






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