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HHO Car Fuel Cell
Alternative Fuels - Green Energy - Solar and Wind Power

Energy alternatives - free plans

You are welcome to use any idea or plan you find in this site. All the info here is for free. In fact, we are not selling anything at all. Learn from us how to improve your life by knowing the energy alternatives. Using energy sources like solar power, wind power and bio fuel (biodiesel) not only helps keeping low emissions but also helps you save money.

HHO Fuel

Free HHO cell plans. Use our PWM circuit schematics to increase your HHO gas production. The hho gas won't be enough to power your engine, but it will help burn your entire fuel and save up to 30%.
Our free plans include bubblers, flash arrestors, hho electrodes, wet cells, dry cells, hho electrolytes and the best winter electrolyte.

Solar Power

Solar power systems have experienced a surge in popularity because of the rising cost of conventional energy sources. By adding a solar energy system to your home, you can recoup your investment over a few years and continue to save money on utility bills for the life of your system.

Solar water heating systems have a good economic payoff, and are manageable systems to install or build. Some of the solar water heating designs are simple and low cost. You can save a great deal of money by building your own system -- several thousand dollars. There are dozens of free plans listed below that should meet just about any need.

Photovoltaic systems are used to convert sunlight into electricity, which can then be used to help power your home or business. They are ideal sources of energy because there is an infinite amount of sunlight for fuel, and there are no byproducts from converting the fuel into electricity. Furthermore, once a system is installed, the electricity produced is virtually free of cost.

Wind Power

Wind power should be considered an important component of any long-term energy strategy, because wind power generation uses a natural and virtually inexhaustible source of power - the wind - to produce electricity. That is a stark contrast to traditional power plants that rely on fossil fuels.