The Myth Of Lowering Fuel Consumption Using HHO

Turn your gas car into a hybrid. How crazy is that? The HHO technology is that simple as it can be installed without the help of a car specialist. Even better this can be easily uninstalled and your car can work as before, unharmed. The device needed to install is very small and can fit anywhere inside the engine hood, without any problem. It can be manufactured or can be ordered online.

Lowering Your Car’s Fuel Consumption Using HHO

Turning your car into a hybrid will bring you some advantages, besides lowering the MPG of your gas car. By installing of a HHO electroliser you will:

  • Lower the fuel consumption (gas) and so, lowering the fuel expenses of up to 60%;
  • Increase engine efficiency. Gain extra power due to increased gas burning power;
  • Decrease of emissions because of more efficient gas burning;
  • Your engine will sound better and will make less noise than before;
  • The maintenance is an easy and very cheap process. Once in 44 hours of running you need to fill up one liter of distilled water. Every 3 to 6 months, depending on how much you are driving the HHO electrolyser needs a full clean and full HHO electrolyte replacement.

To install the HHO Electrolyser on your car you will need to have the following items:

  • HHO electrolyser (also known as an HHO Generator);
  • HHO electrolyte.

Some new cars which have computers, MAF and/or EFFIE sensors you might need also to install a EFFIE chip to help reduce the fuel consumption even more.

To increase the efficiency of the HHO Generator you can use a electric pulse width modulator (also known as PWM generator).

What is a HHO Generator

Also known as Brown’s Gas (because of it’s discoverer) or OxyHydrogen, the HHO gas is water broken down into two atoms of hydrogen and one oxygen during the electrolysis process. The electrolysis process is fully reversible, one spark being enoungh to bond back the hydrogen and oxigen into water. That’s right. No other pollutants are thrown into the atmosphere during this reversible process.

How does the HHO Generator look like

The design of the HHO Generator varies from one constructor to another. The electrolysis is well known since a long time ago. Yet, recently some enthusiasts realized that it can be used in our cars.

Basically, the HHO Generator consists of steel plates placed close one to another inside a jar full of a water based electrolyte (the HHO Electrolyte). Powered by your car alternator, the steel plates will rip apart the water molecules and create HHO. The gas is then collected and sent through tubes and pipes in your engine’s air intake.






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