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HHO Car Fuel Cell
Alternative Fuels - Green Energy - Solar and Wind Power

Pulse Width and Frequency Control for hho electrolysis

This circuit is designed on a basis of Simular Generators that are being offered in the market place and it Should be Just as Effective. Also this unit can Probably be Built MUCH CHEAPER.

The Only Purpose of this circuit is to provide a "Variable Frequency", with a "Variable Pulse Width". In theory and in test results I have seen, this provides a more versitle method to generate Hydrogen than using just a DC voltage in Electrolysis.

This device is especially Useful to control the Current Draw through the cell.

And this Device is Also helpful in getting a Learning Experience and just to have fun with.

"This Circuit has been Tested and functions correctly, as a Pulse Generator for this purpose".

Note that this device has not been fully tested and we don't know how much hho gas will produce.

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